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Bring a perfect revolution of blended innovation and technology in your life by picking up the smartest and trendiest Arise mobile handset. From mesmerizing conventional and lustrous FULL TOUCH Screen Phones, to the astonishing ANDROID/SMART Phones, MUSIC Phones with Jukebox, DESIGNER Phones and BIG Battery Phones, Arise mobiles show you the right mobile way of connectivity.

No matter what your style statement is, Arise Mobile phones connect you in your own way!! A true Indian product, Arise India offers a variety of handsets that are simple, innovative, and unique in different ways. Always move one step ahead with your trusted wireless communication partner that is versatile in nature.

Indian mobile phone market has seen a magnificent growth in the last two decades. Ringing confidently by gaining extreme popularity, mobile phones in India have opened a new phase of excitement and opportunities. Tapping this opportunity, mobiles phone manufacturers are riding the wave and making it more happening than ever. Let's take a glance to hobnob with some of the amazing facts about growing communication channel in India:

  • India ranks second in world with over 881 million mobile phone users as of October2011.
  • The country occupies the fourth rank with over 121 million Internet users as of December 2011.
  • Considered amongst the most competitive and fast growing telecom markets, Indian telecom is expected to reach R 344,921 crores (US$65.53 billion) by 2012.
  • The India telecom industry is growing at the rate of over 26%.
  • The Indian telecom industry currently employs about 10 million people.
  • In financial year 2010-11, Indian telecom industry has generated the total revenue of 283.207 crores (US $53.81 billion). Out of which, R 117,039 crores (US $22.24 billion) comes from telecom equipment segment precisely.

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